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General Statement:

After many months of prayer and discussion regarding the future of Moody Radio's morning show in Cleveland, it was decided by leadership that it was time for a new direction. Moody Radio is extremely grateful for the high quality service of Mark Zimmerman and Gary Bittner and the ministry they've had to listeners over the years. The new morning show will unpack today's issues and news headlines from a biblical perspective, feature increased caller and guest interaction, as well as integrate social media. While the new program is being developed, and a team hired, familiar voices will fill in. Stay tuned to Moody Radio for updates, and please be in prayer as we seek to reach more people in Ohio with the truth of God's Word.

Q: When will the new Moody Radio morning show start?

A:   We hope to have a new team in place by the end of August. Moody Radio will update listeners on-air, as well as through social media and the website when the new program is announced.

Q: Who will host the new morning show and what will it include?

A:   The program is currently being developed and a new team hired. The new program will focus on our current listeners, and will seek to attract new listeners through increased caller and guest interaction, integration of social media, and much more. Issues that confront listeners on a daily basis will be unpacked from a biblical perspective and guests who have expertise in topics will be invited on the program to help address them further. In the process, we also want to ensure a wide range of listeners can participate in the discussion by using plain and relevant language.

Q: What will air on Moody Radio during these hours until the new morning show launches?

A:   Familiar voices from Moody Radio will fill in until the new program launches. No major format changes will take place during this time.

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