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Moody Distance Learning

Take Moody Bible Institute classes in Ohio to finish your degree! 

Courses will be available in three locations locally beginning the third week of August. They will be held in Cleveland (Maple Heights), Akron and Marlboro. 

For location details and course offerings, visit the Ohio Distance Learning website or call the regional coordinator Dr. Gary Colledge at (330) 784-5258. He can be e-mailed at Gary.Colledge@moody.edu. Or call MBI toll-free at (866) 624-3537. Apply now!

Our accelerated courses are fully accredited college-level courses designed to help you reach your ministry and educational goals quickly. Students attend class one night per week and finish a course in just eight weeks. For scheduling flexibility and variety, classes will be offered on Monday and Thursday evenings at Hope Alliance Church (Maple Heights) and Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy (Akron), or Monday evenings and Saturday mornings at The Chapel in Marlboro.

Whether you are preparing for ministry and service in the local church or other Christian service, or are simply interested in the in-depth study of the Scriptures and the life of faith, Moody Distance Learning courses can provide a unique and satisfying academic experience.

Students who wish to enroll in courses must first apply to Moody Bible Institute and become an admitted student. Once admitted, students may register for the classes they choose.

Financial aid may be available to you! Get details here.

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