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Bob Devine

Bob Devine, retired host of the Clockwatcher and Storybook Room on WCRF, went to be with the Lord on Sunday morning, June 23, 2013. He was 76.

Bob’s voice was heard over WCRF for almost four decades! Most listeners knew him as the one who started their days with hope, enthusiasm, a love of life, and that annoying rooster! His mystery sounds, sidewalk chats, garden tips, marches around the breakfast table, word studies, and amazing knowledge of God’s Word, encouraged listeners and brightened every day. Bob retired from WCRF in 2000.

“How could he possibly be so chipper each morning?” asked Dick Lee, Moody Radio Cleveland station manager. “But we knew that it came from deep within his heart, from his profound love and commitment to his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He was a great encouragement to each of us every single day!”

Born in Pennsylvania on September 16, 1936, Devine’s first interest in radio came as a ten-year-old boy who loved to listen to the Adventures of the Lone Ranger and Sgt. Preston of the Yukon. While in high school, he enrolled in a correspondence school in radio broadcasting and quickly passed the exam for his first-class radio operator’s license.

Bob Devine began his career in 1958 at Moody Radio’s WMBI in Chicago as a control room operator and engineer for such programs as Stories of Great Christians and Ranger Bill. In 1959, he joined WCRF and honed the skills he had developed in Chicago for his daily programs as well as the children’s program Storybook Room which included the feature Nature Corner.

A loving and highly committed husband, father, and grandfather Bob leaves behind his wife Wanda, their son John and daughter Barbara, and their spouses and grandchildren.

Listen to interviews and and Bob Devine audio that was played on the Morning Program Monday and Tuesday, June 24 and 25, 2013. Listen here to a Tribute Program including audio clips from him.

Link to June 25, 2013 story at Ohio.com. 


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