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Station Manager – Moody Radio Cleveland (WCRF)  

Group: Broadcasting

Job Description:  
Under the general supervision of the Vice President of Moody Radio, to operate the station in a manner consistent with the overall objectives of the Moody Bible Institute and the mission statement of the Broadcasting Branch and to build meaningful relationships with listeners, donors, pastors and community leaders. Minority candidates are encouraged to apply. WCRF is located in Cleveland, Ohio.

Job Responsibilities:  

Operations and Staffing

  • Annually, on prescribed timelines, prepare a comprehensive budget to meet the current and growth needs of the station.  Send annual budget to Moody Radio General Manager two weeks before final corporate deadline
  • Anticipate (when possible) and budget for major (capital) expenses and other unexpected needs
  • Monitor monthly budget performance and communicate reasons for major variances to the General Manager according to established procedures
  • Verify that each full time position has a detailed job description with updated, measureable and attainable performance standards.  Review annually. Revisit performance standards on a monthly basis to ensure staff member is on track and inline with your objectives
  • Project and plan for employment needs with attention given to qualified and diverse candidates
  • Delegate responsibility and authority to the lowest optimum operating level
  • Review annually the station's procedures and policies with a view toward simplification
  • Analyze individual work assignments at least annually to determine continued efficiency and relevance
  • Conduct meetings with individual staff and your full staff at least once a month.  Make a concerted effort to keep staff informed of Broadcasting and institute happenings to the appropriate extent
  • Oversee approval of staff time away (vacation, personal, sick, etc.), and approve time sheets on time
  • Oversee the maintenance of buildings and grounds


Community Impact

  • Plan your calendar each week to spend at least 40-60% of your time on outreach (audience development, relationship building, donor relationships, etc) to individuals and the community
  • Plan regular meetings, breakfasts, lunches, or "coffee breaks" with pastors, ministry leaders and community leaders. (tied to point 1, make sure these are budgeted for)
  • Work with your team on events that create high impact in the communities you serve with a view to engage and energize your listeners to activate both locally and globally
  • Plan and execute at least one major community event and one "thank you" event annually.  The community event should be something that impacts the LOCAL community (food drive, backpack campaign for local kids, single moms car clinic, etc.).  Thank You Event should be a free event to the participants and could be a "thank you" to any of your constituent groups (pastors, youth leaders, volunteers, partners, listeners, etc.)
  • Accept selected opportunities to represent the station at churches and other functions that are deemed beneficial
  • Respond promptly (within 2 business days) and courteously to each letter/email/phone call requiring an answer from you.  Delegate other correspondence needs
  • Carefully consider opportunities for involvement in local civic organizations as possible avenues for public relations on behalf of the station



  • With assistance from and in cooperation with the National Program Director, continually work to improve the quality and effectiveness of your morning show
  • In cooperation with the National Programming office, select the highest quality and most effective programs for your market with specific attention directed to Preferred Partners
  • In cooperation with the National Programming Office, hire the most competent and compelling air talent when replacements are needed
  • Ensure a timely response to BTR's
  • Ensure a timely response to IMT requests for Specials and Series clearance
  • Ensure a timely filing of Sound Exchange Reports

Training and Development   (include targets in annual review)

  • Encourage staff to develop personally and vocationally through formal coursework and other methods such as reading of professional literature
  • Encourage and help staff find opportunities to attend appropriate training and development seminars (again, tied to point 1, make sure these are budgeted for)
  • With HR's Training Team, look for opportunities to train staff in needed areas
  • Create conditions under which employees are motivated.  Motivate staff by example in inspiring, encouraging and compelling people to take required action
  • Obtain evaluation by staff of the communication, motivation and development environment of the station through surveys or one on one communication

Spiritual Impact

  • Maintain an atmosphere that is conducive to spiritual growth and maturity, including a weekly time for staff devotions
  • Encourage staff to listen to weekly chapel messages live or online
  • Keep a regular presence on air offering spiritual hope and encouragement to your listeners

FCC Guidelines

  • Maintain and officially inspect at least annually a file according to FCC regulations, including special attention to the EEO portion of the file
  • Complete and file a list of 3-4 issues and corresponding programs by January 10, April 10, July 10, and October 10 of each year
  • With our FCC Attorney, guide the station through the license renewal process
  • Ensure all FCC technical standards and regulations that pertain to the station are being followed by the Chief Engineer
  • Ensure that all other FCC, federal, state and local regulations are followed

All other duties and assignments as required


Job Qualifications:     

  • Strong team player and servant leader
  • Must have radio management experience
  • Three-five years in a mid to major market preferred
  • Able to lead a team and be the face of Moody in the community
  • Underwriting and community relations skills a definite plus
  • Minority candidates are encouraged to apply
  • Complete a Broadcasting Questionnaire
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