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Two years ago, faithful friends like you helped us replace critical broadcasting equipment as part of the initial phase of Operation Next. Since then, our engineers have vigilantly monitored and repaired other equipment that was performing adequately at that time. But now they tell us this remaining equipment has reached the point where it, too, must be replaced.

Moody Radio Cleveland: Help replace our main on-air studio and equipment room

Operation Next will help Moody Radio Cleveland meet our most critical need—replacing our main on-air studio and equipment room which are well past their expected life. Your gift will also make it possible to replace critical equipment in our network studios where programs like Midday Connection, and Chris Fabry Live! are produced. Our immediate need is to raise $326,000.

Operation Next is about much more than replacing critical equipment, it’s about delivering compelling programming with biblical insights and creative expressions of faith that help you and others in your community take the next step in your relationships with Christ.

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